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Whips & Crops

Whips & riding crops help to keep your sex slave in line and adds a touch more excitement whether you are wanting to give a good lashing or just a gentle stimulating spank!

XW8202 BULLWHIP - £12.00
Quality Leather Bullwhip.


XW8200 WHIP TICKLER - £12.95
Tease & please with this vibrating whip tickler!


K939 PENI WHIP - £12.00
Latex whip.


XW8203 CAT-'O'-NINE-TAILS - £18.95
Braided Leather whip.


K994 CHROME WHIP - £25.00
Small chrome & red leather whip.


K808 WHILLY WHIP - £27.00
Quality 8" leather with studded handle.
Handle finish: Maroon Marble or Black Reptile

Handle Finish

K955 RIDING CROP - £12.50
'Master's Choice' Leather crop.


XW8201 HAND CROP - £16.95
Hand shaped leather whip for spanking good pleasure.


K924 Crook Cane - £10.00
Professional 1 metre length bamboo cane.
Approx 1cm accross tip in thickness.

Out of Stock

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